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Marko's Eye Candy List  My own list of favorite, mostly bright, and fun objects 
Let me roam the deep skies and I'll be content

This site used to be just for a device I invented called 'AstroSpotter'.

The original AstroSpotter was completely manual and is found on the MyTools section of this site.

The new device, pictured to the right, is a bluetooth cell phone assisted device with an App.  

See details for the modern cell phone assisted version on my tech site where the AstroSpotter WebPage lives.
AstroSpotter Goes High Tech!

Local Astronomy Clubs And Sites

Local observing sites -  Some key Bay Area CA dark sky sites
(See TAC site (pulldown Observing Sites) or SJAA site list)

Here is a brief list of local astronomy clubs or groups that I have been associated with through the people or meetings.
TAC   - The Astronomy Connection
SCAC - Santa Cruz Astronomy Club
SJAA - San Jose Astronomical Association
PAS   - Peninsula Astronomical Society

Guides To Help Beginners Or Remind Experts
Marko's 1st Quarter Moon  My  favorite features of the Moon
Marko's Astro Links    My collection of key web links for beginners and experts